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dc.contributor.advisorEr. Ratna Shova Prajapati-
dc.contributor.authorRam Kumar Lama (730260)-
dc.contributor.authorSamyam Niraula (730276)-
dc.contributor.authorUdayram Kathayat (730292)-
dc.contributor.authorYukesh Khanal (730296-
dc.description.abstractPurbanchal University offers a four year course on Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and at the final year, student has to do project work to implement theoretical knowledge acquired during study into practical field. Project on different topics are performed which may be allocated by the Institute or the students may bring the project by themselves. Among several projects which were offered to us, we have chosen the project entitled: ”Structural Analysis and Design of Commercial Building “ under the guidance of our dedicated supervisor and Department of Civil Engineering . Comparing various models of building structures, we found public building as the most challenging project. Thus, we have given preference to the construction of framed structures seven storied commercial building with lift and escalator. This project enabled us to acquire knowledge on proper analysis and design of building for earthquake, safety including the capability of solving and tackling the field problem to somewhat. It has taught us to work us to work in team which will surely help us in the future to come. Sufficient figure and sketches have been introduced to illustrate the theories. Reference to the appropriate clauses of standard codes of practices has been made wherever necessary. It is clear that for understanding the process of physically and realizing the structure behavior, manual steps by steps procedure is necessary. The use of digital tools in the schematic design phase of “Structural Analysis and Design of Commercial Building“ is still quite limited. The computer aided design includes using computer not only for visualization, analysis and evaluation, but also for the generation of design or more accurately, for the rapid generation of computable design representations describing conceptual design alternatives. Potential design alternatives are generated and evaluated in order to obtain the most promising solution. The main objective of the project work is to make the students able to analyze and design the high rise structures. Considering the various facts, we the students if 072 batch of Civil Engineering Department chose to undertake the project work on “Structural Analysis and Seismic Resistant Design of Commercial Building”-
dc.typeReport- Engineering College- of Civil Engineering- Batch- Civil-'s Degree-
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