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Title: Design of Hydraulic Components of Mistri Khola Hydropower Project
Authors: Ravindra Yadav (730264)
Sabin Ghimire (730270)
Sachit Prasad Koirala (730271)
Sanim Bantawa (730277)
Advisor: Er. Shreeram Shrestha
Keywords: Hydropower
Issue Date: 2021
College Name: Khwopa Engineering College
Level: Bachelor's Degree
Degree: BE Civil
Department Name: Department of Civil Engineering
Abstract: Concrete structures are designed so that they can satisfy requirements regarding safety, serviceability, durability and aesthetics throughout their design service life. It is essential to define an accurate structural design in reinforced concrete, in order to ensure that the structure is overall stable, sustain the entire load and the deformation of normal construction and have adequate durability and resistance to the fire. The components of the headworks have been designed taking reference of “THE FUNDAMENTALS OF HYDROPOWER ENGINEERING” by Sanjeev Baral. The works of previous batches have also been taken into consideration and have played a major role in assisting us with different design methods and techniques. In case of a Powerhouse, as the capacity and water head of large hydropower projects become higher and higher, the flow-induced structural vibration of powerhouse becomes a very important problem for the design and operation process. This project mainly focuses on hydraulic design of hydropower components of “Mistri Khola HEP (48 MW)”. Autodesk AutoCAD along with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel will be used for the successful completion of our project
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