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Authors: RAMAL PRAJAPATI (730261)
RUPAK BASI (730269
Keywords: Structural analysis
Issue Date: 2021
College Name: Khwopa Engineering College
Level: Bachelor's Degree
Degree: BE Civil
Department Name: Department of Civil Engineering
Abstract: This report has been prepared as a part of project work to fulfill the requirement of Purbanchal University course syllabus prescribed to Civil Engineering final year course. It is an attempt to prepare in this report, all the works needed for the structural design of the project work. Among several projects which were offered to us, we have chosen the entitled “Structural Analysis and Design of Commercial building” under the guidance of our dedicated supervisor and Department of Civil Engineering. Comparing various models of building structures, we found commercial building as the most challenging project since it must be in functioning even other structures collapsed. Thus, we have given preference to the construction of the frame structure six-storied commercial building with construction joint. Building frame is three-dimensional structure as space which consist of rigidly interconnected beams, slab and columns. This project enabled us to acquire knowledge on proper analysis of building for the capability of solving and tackling the field problem to somewhat. It has taught us in team which will surely help us in future to come. The results of calculation are presented in tabular form and sample calculations are provided in details to reduce the bulkiness of the report. Sufficient figure and sketches have been introduced to illustrate the theories. Reference to the appropriate clause of standard codes of practices has been made wherever necessary. It is clear that for understanding the process physically and realizing the structure behaviour, manual steps by steps procedure is necessary. However due to the time constraint and to be familiar to the modern technology. The structure analysis part is performed using computer software “ETABS VS 2016”. The burden of repeated calculation in analysis has been reduced due to use of computer software. Report is focused on the design of slab, beam (primary and secondary), column (square), staircase and foundation (mat foundation and isolated footing)
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